Nano biomedical

  • New nanomaterials for biomedical applications;
  • Smart biomedical nanosensor;
  • Nanomedicine;
  • Quick analytical device to monitor and detect infectious and non-communicable diseases;
  • Fast detection devices and food safety control;

Nano Environmental

  • Novel nanomaterials for environmental applications;
  • Environmental monitoring and control equipment;
  • Water treatment technology based on nanomaterials
  • Nano materials for catalytic activity
  • Green nanomaterials


  • Colorimetric Kits for Rapid Detection
  • Portable Electrochemical Measurement Devices
  • SERS-based platform devices
  • Magneto-impedance-based sensing technology
  • QCM-based sensing technology

Nanotechnology in Agriculture

  • New nanomaterials for sustainable agriculture
  • Intelligent agricultural sensors
  • Nano formulations to regulate crop growth
  • Nano formulations to protect plants (kill bacteria, fungi)
  • Nano formulations to agricultural disinfection